By Admin on 23rd January

Cranes need to be serviced regularly, as you will no doubt realise if you own lifting equipment yourself, or operate it on a regular basis. Cranes that go beyond their servicing date deadlines cannot be used safely, as they might not be operating correctly. Under LOLER and PUWER, you need to make sure you have fulfilled your servicing duties.

If you are ready for a crane service, there will be various providers who offer servicing. Here is some of the criteria they should meet before you select your crane servicing partner:

  • Experienced. Look for a servicing provider who knows their industry inside out and has experienced servicing technicians.
  • Knows your brand. There are many crane brands on the market, so select a servicing provider who understands and specialises in your brand.
  • Flexible. Look for someone who can service your crane at the times your need, and who can come out to your site.