By Jim on 3rd April

Cordless Hammer Drills are a recent addition into the construction industry as batteries are now able to cope with the level of power required to effectively allow the tool to oeprate for at-least 8+ hours of prolonged use.

There’s a number of sets available to purchase online, in particular the ones available from stores such as Amazon / Argos. Part of these packs include a small hammer drill that will come with your tool multi-set used for smaller tasks and jobs in your construction project.

So what does a Hammer drill do?

These tools combine drilling with a hammering action to swiftly break by way of masonry and concrete. They use a distinct bit and provide 1000’s of blows per minute to smash and pulverise by brute force means. If you are likely to be drilling by way of difficult supplies then a high voltage drill is essential. In conclusion I would opt for a cordless drill with two batteries and a voltage of 24 volts.