By Admin on 22nd March

A good quality power saw can slice through a range of materials, including very dense hardwood and wet lumber. There are plenty of different types though, so you have to weigh up your options carefully depending on the materials your working with.

A worm drive power saw will easily slice through concrete – yes it really is that powerful! The almighty motor is in line with the blade, while the handle is nicely positioned further back for a stronger grip. A sidewinder power saw is slightly more manoeuvrable but it’s lighter with less torque, while other options include small sidewinders and cordless models.

A good saw with a large, smooth cornered lever lock and full round knobs can be ideal for deep cuts, and one good example is the DeWalt 364 which is extremely quick and easy to change. You should also choose a model that’s secure and reinforced, so it can withstand day-to-day damage.