By Admin on 28th March

Every builder who needs to start from scratch requires a powerful demolition hammer, and the DeWalt D25901K is a fine example. It can be used for breaking, chipping and gouging concrete, tiles and other solid materials, and it’s constructed of solid metal while the grip makes it comfy to hold.

There’s not too much vibration with this model, while there’s a quick change power chuck for your convenience. This works on a normal extension leads too, providing excellent value for money. It’s a reasonably priced hammer though so it’s not at the top-end of the market, but it’s certainly not a beginner model either.

The soft grip is ergonomically shaped, and it guarantees a secure hold, so the variable impact control dial includes 19 settings to ensure accurate impact energy. You can find this model at most power tool outlets, and it’s the perfect hammer if you need something simple, powerful and comfortable.