By Jim on 13th March

Leaf blowers, or simply blowers, are tools that are used for moving rubbish, grass cuttings and leaves, usually within a garden or other outdoor space. They are powered by motors that make use of fuel or electrics in order to run. They can be both handheld or back mounted – these models will usually be used for the larger jobs that require a bigger, heavier machine.

Leaf blowers might also be used to collect up rubbish and twigs. Not all models will just move leaves around and some will be able to suck them in and gather them together as well. These pieces of equipment might be used by a professional gardener or another professional person as part of their employment, rather than just by a gardener wanting to keep their garden looking pretty.

You will be able to find leaf blowers of varying strengths for different sized jobs. They will help to keep outside spaces looking neat and tidy as well as making them safer for children and pets.