By Jim on 7th September

A garden multi-tool will help you complete various jobs with just one power tool. It will act as a hedge trimmer, bush trimmer, shrub trimmer and general garden help. It will come with different heads in order to be used for its different purposes.

Choose a multi-tool if you are a keen gardener and want the convenience of using one garden appliance that has different functions. Most multi-tools will come with :

  • A cutting head. This is used for cutting weeds, small trees and vegetation.
  • A trimmer head. Use this to cut weeds and grass.
  • A pruning head. The pruning attachment is useful for cutting down tree branches and larger plants.
  • A hedge trimmer. There will be various sizes, so choose a multi-tool that will suit your purpose.

Some multi-tools also come with more premium features – they may be anti-vibration, for example, to allow for easier and safer use. Weigh up the options against the price to find your optimum choice.