By Admin on 25th February

Your business needs to be able to make money, as well as having equipment that it can rely on. It’s a fine balance in construction, where any equipment is probably going to be expensive and quite a big investment for your business. However, by investing in this equipment, you are also giving yourself more opportunity to expand your business and make more money in the long run, securing your financial future through good investment. If this sounds like some of the concerns and thoughts you have been having about your construction business, then you might want to consider buying second hand. This will allow you to obtain materials for much lower prices, that are also reliable, well serviced and able to give you many years of high performance. Used cranes are one of those examples, where you will probably be able to make some significant savings by choosing lower cost equipment, whilst still getting lifting equipment you can rely on.

Have you ever thought about choosing second hand cranes as opposed to brand new ones? It’s something that some businesses are comfortable with, whilst others are a little more unsure due to the important nature of a crane within their business. However, if you find the right used cranes for you, then you can source ones that will offer you excellent value for money. They will have all the functionality you need, at a lower cost.

Balancing cost and quality when buying used cranes

It’s not always easy to know whether a crane will be of the right quality for your business. You won’t know its full history, and you won’t know how it has been treated in the past. You can rest assured to a large extent that no crane will be sold by a good supplier if it doesn’t have the right paperwork. In order to comply with LOLER and PUWER, lifting regulations that you will no doubt be familiar with, cranes need to be serviced regularly. You should check that all cranes you are thinking about buying come with all their paperwork and have all the details of their previous services. This will also reveal any former damage, so you can weigh up the pros and cons for yourself.

It all comes down to the crane supplier

A good lifting equipment seller will be good seller whether they are supplying brand new cranes, or older, second hand cranes. You have the opportunity to find a good supplier and form good connections with them over time, so you can find someone who is trustworthy and reliable for all of your lifting equipment needs.

If you have a supplier you have worked with before, ask them whether they supply used jib, bridge or gantry cranes. Many suppliers don’t advertise their stock, but will look for you and check what they have available if this is something that interests you. Once they know of your interests in buying used lifting equipment, they will be able to look out for cranes, hoists and other components that you might want to consider buying as used.