By Admin on 29th February

One of the best ways to combat low headroom in a workshop or other commercial setting is with a jib crane. Adaptable and flexible, jib cranes can be customised so that they fit into low headroom areas and will still be able to perform the same set of tasks as required. Jib cranes are more useful than other types of crane for this very reason.

One of the main ways a jib crane can be made to fit into a tighter, low headroom space is by being under braced. This still allows for maximum hook path, whilst allowing for the crane to be fitted into a low headroom area. Jib cranes can also have different mounting types that make them more accommodating, like wall or post mountings. In particularly tight spaces, bespoke jib cranes can be made from scratch to fit into the space and provide the required functionality for the lifting operatives.