By Alexander on 30th June

Out of all the garden tools that are available probably the most useful to those with grassed areas is a lawnmower. Lawnmowers started out as a simple contraption consisting of a cylinder with blades that when pushed along would cut the grass, but lawnmowers have come a long way since then and can be found in different sizes to suit every lawn and powered in a variety of ways to make the task of mowing the lawn easier.

Small electric lawnmowers are best if the lawned area is not large and there is access to an electricity supply where the mower can be plugged in. If this is not the case, battery lawnmowers are now available promising that a small lawn can be mowed on a single charge. Robotic lawnmowers are even on sale now that can be set off and will mow the grass without anyone having to intervene.

Larger gardens can present problems when it comes to mowing the grass as a smaller electric mower may struggle to cut the grass efficiently. A self-propelled petrol mower is a much better option in this case as it will cope with a large lawn and even one that is sloped in places. Of course, for a very large area a ride-on mower is advised.