By Jim on 29th November

Lifting Equipment Store (LES) is proud to introduce Lifting Equipment Store USA. The well-known name in UK lifting equipment will be branching out to supply lifting equipment USA, adding to their already highly successful business and brining their products to a whole new audience. This is a major turning point in their business and will see high quality, good value lifting equipment supplied further afield, to a much wider audience than ever before.

It is a natural progression in many ways for this company, which is already a UK leader in the lifting equipment and material handling industry. This will build on a US service launched back in 2018; it will now be based within the US and will be able to deliver the kind of market-leading service expected from this kind of business, that has such well established backing. It signals a major move for the lifting equipment industry as a whole, and it is a big change that can bring about big benefits for customers.

Who is Lifting Equipment Store, what do they do and what is their product offering?

Lifting Equipment Store is a UK based leader in the material handling marketplace – the president is Will Dunn. Lifting Equipment Sore is part of Kingsway Corporation and was established in 2012, during which time it has become established as a market leader and has always maintained a focus on core company goals. Part of this is a commitment to customer service that sees Lifting Equipment Store providing a great deal of value for its customers.

Part of the reason why Lifting Equipment Store has chosen to expand globally at this moment in time is the current climate. They believe that there is a gap in the market, and that lots of people will be buying lifting equipment from their own homes. This means the process of ordering will need to be highly automated, and will need to be as simple as possible. Lifting Equipment Store has met this need and is committed to providing the best possible advice and customer service as well, meaning a better buying experience for customers across the US.

Lifting Equipment Store supplies a vast range of lifting equipment and material handling equipment, and it can secure good prices for US customers due to relationships held with global manufacturers. The company will specialise in the supply of lifting equipment, rigging gear, fall protection equipment, and material handling products.

Key products include:

  • Chain hoists
  • Machine moving skates
  • Fall protection gear
  • Forklift attachments
  • Lifting jacks
  • Drum handling equipment

All of the products supplied come from leading manufacturers and have all necessary regulations to be sold and supplied to the US lifting equipment market.

Where will lifting equipment in the US now be available thanks to this new expansion?

Lifting Equipment Store USE will be based in Houston, Texas. It will showcase leading manufacturers: Columbus McKinnon, Thern, Morse and Tandemloc.  It will make high quality lifting equipment available to the industry US wide, no matter where they might be based, with excellent levels of customer service.